About the Adam's Lab

We study the immune response to transplanted organs, with a focus on therapeutics, diagnostics, xenotransplantation, and outcomes research.

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Dr. Adams' Lab is located at the University of Minnesota. It has the distinct privilege of being a part of the Division of Transplantation in the Department of Surgery, which is one of the oldest and most successful solid-organ transplant programs in the world. Our Division has been an academic leader in organ transplantation for 50 years and our transplant program is one of the largest and most experienced in the country, with an extraordinary legacy of patient care, surgical outcomes, research, discovery and training. We have performed many of the world's "firsts" in transplantation (below) and continue to contribute to the innovative field of transplantation. 

Our historic milestones:

1966 — Performed the world's first deceased donor pancreas transplant 

1970 — Founded the first nationally accredited transplant fellowship training program 

1977 — Performed the world's first total pancreatectomy with islet cell autotransplant 

1978 — Performed Minnesota's first adult heart transplant

1979 — Performed the world's first living donor pancreas transplant 

1986 — Performed Minnesota's first infant heart transplant

1999 — Established the world's first non-directed living kidney donor program 

2013 — Established the first living kidney donor outcomes database in the United States 

2013 — Performed the Midwest's first “breathing lung” transplant